Mantra and Chanting Practice – Workshop

Led by Denise Davidson
Saturday, April 8, 10:30 am -12 pm
$15 regular price ($10 for students with ID)

Come this Saturday to a unique workshop and learn by doing!

A mantra is a powerful sound, word, or phrase that is repeatedly sung or chanted. Each mantra holds its own energetic significance. When used effectively, mantras can be soothing, clarifying, or even energizing; affecting your body, mind, and spirit. This workshop will give you an introduction to mantra and chanting practices (no prior knowledge or experience needed).

200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT)

Yoga Nirvana offers the finest instruction for teacher training. Our mission is to foster a community of learning that takes a modern approach to ancient yogic philosophy, and to equip students with a superior understanding of teaching methodologies and techniques.

Students who enroll in our program leave with a rich body of knowledge that far surpasses just knowing the asanas. Students can expect to…

  • Gain thorough knowledge of the history and tradition of yoga
  • Study the classical yogic texts
  • Understand the mechanics, anatomy, and physiology of the body
  • Receive instruction on related subjects, such as health, nutrition and psychology
  • Enjoy small class sizes, optimal for individualized instruction

Our comprehensive curriculum is ideal for any practitioner, whether you are looking to deepen your own practice or begin your career as a teacher.

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