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Ashe Higgs offers you practical lessons in ancient mindfulness techniques for modern times.

Mindfulness Matters –

Finding Center in a Mad Mad Mad World

Saturday, July 20, 2019 @ 10:45 AM

$25 per person – PREGISTER under “WORKSHOPS” in our MindBody portal — Start with the “Sign up” button next to the workshop on our interactive schedule page:

Mindfulness is an ancient skill, and this workshop a practical primer. Science is just catching up to what the ancients learned about how to align body and mind in the moment to experience more joy. This workshop will introduce you to ancient techniques for modern times–skills to practice in your daily life to focus, reduce stress/anxiety, and increase happiness:

  • The four satipatthanas:” body, feeling, mind and phenomenon, and
  • The six practices of satipatthana, or mindfulness of the body:
    • breathing
    • the four postures*
    • daily activities
    • the four elements
    • anatomy
    • decay

*Detailed instruction will be provided on the four postures, with advice for practicing them on your own after the workshop.

Acu-Gong Sound Healing

with Vanessa Ruiz, ND, RN-BSN, RYT

August 3, 1:45-3:00 PM.

Preregistration is required! PREGISTER under “WORKSHOPS” in our MindBody portal — Start with the “Sign up” button next to the workshop on our interactive schedule page:

In this special therapeutic session, gong meditation combines with auricular therapy for an intensive deep healing and relaxation. Auricular therapy is the stimulation of energetic healing points in the ear, to take your gong bath experience to an even deeper level of focusing meditation.

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To participate, preregister and complete the form!

  1. Preregister (maximum of 10 seats available) – you can sign up in the MindBody portal (PLEASE REGISTER under our WORKSHOPS (not “CLASSES”) tab; start here: OR email us directly to save your spot:
  2. Complete the consent form for auricular therapy here  (NOTE: Electronic form works best with Adobe Reader (click here to download Adobe Reader for free). You can also print and complete with pen and paper. Just don’t forget to bring it with you!)
  3. Learn more about Vanessa Ruiz, ND, RN-BSN, RYT (bio page).

Remember to reserve your space early – this experience is limited to 10 participants!

Jenna Gully leads 

“Nirvana Nidra Naps”

Saturday, August 10  @ 10:45 am

Take an hour of your weekend to deeply relax and reset with guided meditation, breath and Sound Healing. Using Yoga Nidra Amrit method and various Vibrational Healing tools, you’ll find yourself being guided to put down any weight or stress you’ve acquired from daily life. This class relaxes the mind and your body’s nervous system to a parasympathetic state. Here, the body may begin to intelligently recover and repair, initiating deep healing on many levels.


200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT)!

Yoga Nirvana offers the finest instruction for teacher training

At Yoga Nirvana Studio, Teacher Training is not a casual commitment, nor is it an automatic entry. Students of yoga who are interested in pursuing YNS Teacher Training must apply in person, and schedule an admission interview if your application is accepted. All applications will be considered, and students who are accepted into the program commit to fully participate in an immersive and comprehensive learning experience.

The screening process for YTT includes a written application and in-person interview. To apply, you must come into the studio to request an application from Jim Keegan.

Questions? Talk to Jim Keegan, in person, at YNS.

Our mission is to foster a community of learning that takes a modern approach to ancient yogic philosophy, and to equip students with a superior understanding of teaching methodologies and techniques.

Ready to find out more and/or begin the YTT program application ?  CLICK THIS LINK for MORE INFO.
Need an appointment to talk about YTT at YNS? Email us:

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