Class Descriptions

Advanced FlowBestInPhx

Designed for fun and challenging sequences. This class includes an expanded repertoire of inversions as well as other advanced postures. It is suggested that students have at least 6 months experience in yoga vinyasa.

All Levels / Community Class

Have you ever gone throughout your day without remembering much of it? Perhaps you arrive at work or school, only to find that you can’t recall the trip there. This happens because of a lack of mindfulness in the present moment. The good news is that mindfulness can be enhanced by practicing awareness, and this all-level class provides you with a great opportunity to do exactly that. In this class, you are invited to be in the present moment exclusively; whether you are balancing on one foot, holding a challenging pose, or surrendering in a restorative/yin pose. After mindfully “flowing” for 90 minutes, you will leave feeling refreshed, energized and focused.


Ashtanga Vinyasa (Flow) Yoga:

This class is for students brand new to Ashtanga as well as more experienced students. It is a choreographed sequence of postures that flow into one another, building strength, unwinding tight joints, and creating loose, flexible muscles. It is a unique combination of dynamic breathing and strong flowing movements, which creates a high-heat, high-energy workout.


All Levels Ashtanga Inspired:

The perfect place to explore Ashtanga. Practitioners of all levels will enjoy this class, but beginners will find it especially fun and enlightening. We will practice primary series asana and learn a bit about the history and traditions of the practice. We will explore the 8 limbs of Ashtanga yoga and how to practice them on the mat and off. Physically, you will see your regular practice grow measurably. Spiritually, you will learn to quiet your mind and focus your energy. Want to realize your true potential? Come learn why and how Ashtanga can lead you there!


Ashtanga Improv:

First and sometimes second series postures of the Ashtanga series. This class will build strength and stamina while purifying the body. Meant for fit students with experience.


Flow (or Level 1):

Sequencing of familiar postures with a gentleness in mind, Intermediate class, using foundational postures that are the building blocks for any yoga practice. All levels welcome.


Flow 2 (or Level 2):

Sequencing through many series of postures with a focus on strong fluid body use. Some yoga experience recommended.


Freestyle Flow

Negative Negative samskaras (or habits) hinder our positive evolution.  This all-levels freestyle flow class is an invitation to explore the depth of your practice by breaking free of past perceptions and habits.  This vigorous vinyasa is infused with rhythmic, electrifying music, which ignites joyful and energetic movement.  Class begins with a fluid warm-up, followed by a dynamic flow that builds awareness, strength, and balance.  The practice winds down with relaxing deep stretches and soothing savasana.  Embrace your inner creativity, flow, and grow.


Gong Meditation

The Gong is an ideal tool for stress reduction, as a facilitator to move past emotional blockages, to clear out the subconscious mind, balance of the entire glandular system, and to align and stimulate the seven chakras. Please note: This class meets only once per month.



Kundalini yoga consists of various exercise sets (kriyas) which utilize specific postures, breathing techniques, mantras, mudras and locks to raise the Kundalini energy, improve physical health, elevate consciousness and expand self awareness. There is an emphasis on breath (pranayama) and each class includes a meditation. All levels are welcome.


Yin Therapy:

Take your practice deep and slow, as we start with yin and stretching posses to ease you into the practice and out of your busy day.   Embrace a stillness within you and let the outside world go as you immerse yourself in this  calming and quieting practice. Next, we’ll explore opening and twisting with ease, as we move into gentle vinyasa and some yang style poses.  Let your breath be a dance.  Let your practice take you to new and unexplored places. Be ready to challenge yourself and connect with the peace within you. This class is a journey with soothing music and inspirational messages each week.  Appropriate for beginners.  All levels welcome.


Yoga of Drumming with Jesse Joaquin Parker (4th Monday of Every Month, 7:30-9:00 PM)

Yoga Nirvana is pleased to announce that we will be hosting a Yoga of Drumming class every 4th Monday of the month. Cost of attendance is $15 if you bring a hand drum, or $20 if you need to rent one. Jesse Joaquin Parker, professional percussionist and professor of music, will guide participants in an exploration of drumming technique, rhythmic discipline, and auditory independence while connecting body movement, internal rhythm, and hemispherical independence. A variety of traditional rhythms including those of West Africa, the Caribbean, and South America will be incorporated into the practice.




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