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Our instructors bring a wide variety of life experience to Yoga Nirvana Studio, and each of their classes is as unique as they are. We are honored to have this pool of talent teaching here, and celebrate them as a community resource as well as featuring them (and their class(s)) individually on a regular.

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  1. Brittnie Donzella
  2. Carla Hogue
  3. Casey Robinson
  4. Chelsea Green
  5. Chris Rose
  6. Harper Piver
  7. Jake Gilmour
  8. Jenna Jensen, RYT
  9. Jes Tehan
  10. Jim Keegan (founder)
  11. Kayla Amin
  12. Michelle Standfast
  13. Moira Clancy
  14. Morgan Kolpin
  15. Sarah Trahan
  16. Savannah Haynie
  17. Staci Cox