Abigail Corinne

Abigail began her yoga journey at a young age and felt the intuitive nudge to get her teacher’s certification in 2017 at Yoga Six in Chicago.

Until she was 15, Abigail was misdiagnosed by doctor after doctor until finally discovering her rare case of Lyme disease. The constant stress of balancing treatment, doctors, and her illness weighed on her physically and mentally, making it hard to find any joy in life. After finally being diagnosed, she was determined to take herself and her health seriously in order to maintain a life worth living.

Abigail finds joy in sharing her story with others with the hope of encouraging those who feel hopeless. She understands how hard it can be to start over on the mat again and again. Healing is not linear.

Abigail is passionate about creating a safe and nurturing space for her students, and encourages them to explore their yoga practice on and off the mat. In her class you’ll hear elaborate playlists, safe alignment cues, and warm words from the heart.