Brittnie Donzella

My passion for teaching and sharing health and wellness started in 2009 when I became a fitness instructor at Northern Arizona University. I loved connecting with students and educating them but, at the time, had little experience or interest in Yoga.

A few years ago, I stumbled upon a Yoga video on YouTube when I needed some new stretches for my fitness classes. I was intrigued how challenging it was to “simply” hold my own body weight, stay focused and breathe. I quickly began to explore all aspects of Yoga. I could not get enough.

I began volunteering at the local Yoga studio in exchange for free classes. In 2015, I received an email from the studio stating that someone wanted to give me a full scholarship for Yoga Teacher Training!! Yoga has absolutely opened my eyes, head and heart and I am eternally grateful to the individual that sponsored me (I still do not know who it is!). I will continue to share the freedom, positivity and love that Yoga has showed me.