Carla Hogue

Carla Hogue kicked off her yoga journey in November 2012 when she began her own personal practice every morning, in addition to practicing at a studio 3-4 times per week.  Through practicing every morning, she found herself calmer, handling life;s daily stressors much better. By mid 2013, her practice was put on hold due to a shoulder injury. In 2014, an old friend brought her to Yoga Nirvana for a gentle Yin class, which eventually led her to discuss her injury with the owner and founder, Jim Keegan. Jim convinced her it was time to return to her practice. She was ready. He was correct! She resumed her yoga journey in February 2015. In September 2015, she began Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Nirvana with Jim, with the primary intention of furthering her practice, knowledge, and love of yoga, not necessarily to teach. However, she always had a passion for helping others, especially where health and wellness were concerned, so she decided to put her teacher training into practice. Teaching yoga is another expression of her desire to help others improve their physical, mental and spiritual well being.

At a very young age, she wanted to be a gymnast or figure skater, so she grew up teaching herself to bend and twist in various ways. This resulted in her being very aware of her body’s postures and how various poses affect her body. She has always been involved in physical fitness of varying types, such as hiking, running, aerobics, rock climbing, and strength training; she was also taught the importance of stretching before and after any physical activity to avoid injury. This lifelong journey of physical fitness allows her to more fluidly incorporate stretches into her classes and to provide adjustments, helping practitioners to safely go more deeply into poses and stretches.

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