Emma Cheney

Emma Cheney is a Psychology major at ASU and will graduate in May 2020. She has been practicing yoga for about 6 years and received her yoga teacher certification in October of 2019. She is excited to grow as a person with the studio and the people who come to her class. In her spare time she enjoys trying new vegan recipes, painting, being in nature, and reading. It is her goal to one day integrate the studies of yoga and psychology through research in a masters program.
About the Fundamentals class: This class is specifically designed to help those who are new to yoga refine their skills and grow as practitioners. Through the breakdown of many integral poses used in vinyasa classes, this class will specifically help beginners (and even advanced practitioners) learn correct alignment for their bodies. Each day is different so this class will also bring awareness to how the poses may change over time. The use of different breath techniques, props, and teachings of yogic philosophy are will be highlighted throughout this class and will help guide anyone along in their yoga journey.