Lauren Gold

I am a lifelong student of many things. Currently, I am an ASU graduate student, pursuing a PhD in Media Arts and Sciences, where my research focus is in Augmented and Virtual Reality. But, my studies do not stop there.
As many people do, I started yoga because I was seeking improvement in some areas of my life. I became a yoga student in high school, when I began to study the benefits of meditation, with the hopes of achieving higher levels of consciousness. I took my practice further when I got to college and started attending yoga classes. That’s when I learned that yoga is not only the best form of meditation for me, but the road to Nirvana is certainly not linear.
Yoga brings so much awareness. I believe that yoga has the power to make people see truth in themselves and others, which in turn changes us. With this new awareness comes patience, contentment, self love, physical comfort, and a healthy spine, just to name a few.
I’ve always struggled with back pain, however, the pain began to disseminate once I started practicing yoga regularly. The deep stretches were helpful, but what was really the key here was that with time, I became aware of my unique body and I learned how to deal with it from a place of love, on and off the mat.
Since yoga has helped me so much, I feel that it is my dharma to do the same for others, as my teachers have done for me. My classes will be personal and we will get to know each other well. I love learning about people and celebrating life.
I look forward to seeing you in class!