Marissa Ross

When Marissa first discovered yoga she did not realize the impact it would have on her life. Like many others, she stumbled upon the practice at a pivotal time. Finding yoga with her mom has been the biggest blessing she’s encountered thus far. She quickly found herself readjusting her priorities, perspectives and dreams. It was as if yoga gifted Marissa a new set of eyes resulting in a renewed perspective of life.

Always seeking to feed her creative and meditative side, off the mat you can find Marissa making malas, rock climbing with her sister, traveling, playing with her puppy, snowboarding, hiking, and saying yes to the adventures of life.

Trained in the Hatha tradition, Marissa’s love for alignment and safety for practitioner’s of all backgrounds makes her classes accessible for everybody and every body! Known for her descriptive and creative cues, Marissa’s class provides the opportunity to become completely consumed with what’s happening on the four corners of one’s own sacred space – bringing them into the present and therefore more connected to themselves.

Her love for the 8 limbs of yoga can be felt in both her teachings and her approach to life. Marissa believes the application of the practice both on and off the mat provide the opportunity to discover yourself without any judgements or expectations. Ultimately leading one to fall in love with themselves, the world around them and the other beings we share it with. A constant student, Marissa is always seeking out new teachers and experiences to keep her mind open and perspective fresh.